Direct carrier billing or payments from mobile account – is a financial tool for making cashless payments even when you do not have a bank card. Payments are made directly from your mobile account. You can pay for internet, television, utilities, banking and financial services, transport fare and more.

Service management is available in My Vodafone, application, where you can enable and disable service availability at any time. Just log in into the app, pick Add-ons – Available services – Other services and activate the Direct Carrier Billing Prohibition. You will receive an SMS as a confirmation of service activation. Since that you will not be able to make payments from your mobile account.

To disable the payment ban and renew your ability to use your account as a payment method, go to Services – My Services – Other Services and deactivate the Direct Carrier Billing Prohibition.

How does it work?

The service works 24/7 and available for prepaid subscribers.

To make a payment, it is enough to have your phone and funds in your account. Payments are processed online in just a few steps:


Select the service/product you want to pay


Choose the payment method «Payment from your Vodafone account»


Enter the phone number from which you plan to make the payment


Enter the one-time code that you get in the SMS to confirm the payment

High level of transactions security is carried out with the one-time codes, which are sent to the specified phone number each time to confirm the intention to make a payment.

Before making a payment, you must provide full details of the possible additional fee.

To make payments from a mobile account, you can use the services of our partner EasyPay on the website easypay.ua.

Payment Restrictions:

  • the min payment amount – 1 UAH;
  • max payment amount (including commission if present on the site) – 3 000 UAH;
  • the maximum number of transactions per account cannot exceed  3 transactions per day;
  • the maximum amount of payments during a calendar month is UAH 3,000 (including commission);
  • the min balance on the balance after the payment is – 1 UAH;
  • service is not available for contract subscribers.

Legal explanation:
«Payment from a mobile account» means the possibility of an operator returning unused funds to a consumer using financial services provided in accordance with the requirements of the legislation on payment systems and transferring funds, in accordance with paragraph 76 of the Rules for the provision and receipt of telecommunication services, approved by PKMU dated 11.04.2012 No. 295.

Select a help topic



Use only those services that can be found on the company's official website

To secure your mobile funds, remember 2 simple rules:

  1. Never send OTP passwords that come in an SMS to anyone. Neither institution service or the mobile operator has the right to ask you for this password.
    So if you are asked for an OTP in a phone conversation, you can hang up, it is definitely the fraud.
  2. Also note that we do not cooperate with services that do not officially work in Ukraine, such as Webmoney, Qiwi or Yandex Money.

How you can determine that the site through which you plan to make a transfer is real and official

  1. Website address If it looks like this https://www.vodafone.ua/en – has a national top-level domain – .ua, it means that the company has confirmed that it has a registered trademark. Large companies always confirm its existence.
  2. Design, texts and general structure of the site. Fraudulent sites that try to look like official pages usually have outdated design, not updated logos, pictures, colors may also differ from the colors of the brand. Most likely, no one will make multiple localized versions of the site. Texts can have a many mistakes.
  3. Contact and feedback block. Large and medium-size companies are unlikely to use popular mail services like Gmail or UKR.NET. Most likely, the mail will look like this (name of department /service/functions, then «@», company name and domain «.ua». For example, press@vodafone.ua. In Ukrainian telecom – operators the contact center number is usually one and starts with 0 800.