To request a transfer of funds:


*150*phone number of the recipient*transfer amount# and press "Call".

For example, to transfer 5 UAH to the number 0501234567, dial the request in a format *150*0501234567*5# and press "Call".

Dial a unique code

In response you will receive a message with a unique code – dial it to confirm the money transfer to another subscriber: *150*confirmation code# and press "Call".

Then you and the subscriber to whom you have transferred money receive notification of the successful money transfer.

Terms of use:

  • You can transfer any amount from 1 to 1 000 UAH.
  • Transfer amount should be divisible by 1 UAH.
  • The cost of a transfer is if amount:
    – from 1 to 50 UAH – 3 UAH;
    – from 50 to 1 000 UAH – 6%.
  • Service is available to all prepaid subscribers.
  • Money Transfers from Vodafone subscriber numbers to numbers of other mobile operators are not available.
  • The transfer cannot be credited as balance top-up for activation a new number.
  • The amount that should remain on your balance after the transfer is not less than 1 UAH.
  • The maximum –  3 transactions per 24 hours since the first successful transfer.
  • The maximum sum of transactions – 3000 UAH per one calendar month (since 01.04.24)

Transfer through SMS request

Send an SMS to the number 150 with the text: the phone number of the recipient*transfer amount, then follow the prompts from the incoming SMS.

For detailed instructions, dial *150# or send an empty SMS to 150.