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Vodafone Pay Team always thinks about the needs of our customers. We believe that a simple adding of new in-app features is like to be a boring application for money. Our challenge is to help make the money transfer process simple and funny. So, the new name SharPay is a new application that makes booooring finances more fun and easier.

Convenient mobile phone top-up with SharPay app

Top up conveniently

To top up the Vodafone mobile number, open the app, choose the "Account top up" widget, enter the phone number or choose a number from the contact list, enter the amount and click "Make the payment".
The top-up will be done from the selected bank card in a few seconds without commissions!

Send money easily with SharPay app

Send money easily

Simple and profitable money transfers via SharPay!

Use the "Transfer from Account" widget* to transfer funds from your mobile account to a card or to another customer mobile account.
Use the "Transfer from Card" widget to transfer money from your bank card to other cards.

*The service is available to Vodafone prepaid customers only.

Pay your bills with SharPay app

Pay your bills and services quickly and conveniently

More than 300 services in the following categories: mobile communications, utilities, games and other entertainment, banks and financial services, the Internet, etc.!

To make a payment, enter an account number (account or other ID required) and the amount, select a payment source – a bank card or mobile account and click on "Pay".

Save templates and make payments without wasting your time on a search. You can find a list of saved templates in "Templates" section from the side menu.


Install the app from Google Play or App Store

Select a help topic



To register and authorize in the application, follow these simple steps:

  • Run SharPay and enter your mobile phone number.
  • View and accept the terms of the public agreement.
  • Confirm your mobile phone number with a one-time password from the received SMS.
  • Create the access code (PIN-code) in the application and confirm it.

Use all benefits of the SharPay application!

Access to the service is possible only if you have access to the Internet (mobile access or Wi-Fi).



Who can use SharPay?

Subscribers of all mobile operators in Ukraine can use SharPay. But payments from a mobile account (account of mobile number) can be carried out by prepaid Vodafone subscribers only.

Transfer fees

The transfer fee from your account number (only for Prepaid subscribers) is calculated dynamically when entering the transfer amount and immediately displayed on the application screen:

  • transfer to card number: tariff – 4%;
  • transfer to the account number: tariff – 6%, minimum fee – 1 UAH.

The minimum amount of payment from the personal account is 5 UAH.
The maximum amount of payment from a personal account is 4 000 UAH. Including commission, that is:

  • when transferring to the card number, the maximum possible transfer amount will be UAH 3 840; (commission 4% = 160 UAH);
  • when transferring to the telephone number – 3 760 UAH (commission 6% = UAH 240).

Also, you can make transfers from your card to the card of other user.
The transfer fee is calculated dynamically when the transfer amount is entered and displayed on the screen (tariff – 0.5% + 2.5 UAH).

What else is payable with SharPay?

Except account replenishment and money transfers, also there are payable services in categories:

  • Mobile communication
  • Games
  • Internet
  • Telephony
  • TV
  • Utility payments
  • Banks and financial services
  • Others

Choose the service you need from the catalogue and pay for it with a card which is added to MasterPass or with mobile account, if you are prepaid subscriber of Vodafone. Use a search for comfort and economy of time.

I am a contract subscriber. Can I make payments using my personal mobile account?

The payments from the personal mobile account are available to Vodafone prepaid subscribers only. All other functions and operations in the application are available for all subscribers.

What features does SharPay have?
  1. In “My Vodafone” menu you have the opportunity to learn more about the My Vodafone application and install it, or to automatically switch to this application if it is installed on your phone.
  2. In “My Cards" menu are displayed the cards that you added to MasterPass in SharPay app or other applications / services. Only ID numbers of the cards are stored in the app, the payment details are kept in MasterPass which is owned by MasterCard International Payment System and passed all necessary security certifications. You can add an unlimited number of cards in MasterPass.
  3. In "Account top-up" menu you can recharge your Vodafone account free of charge.
  4. In “Transfer from account” menu you can make transfers from your personal mobile account to card or phone number of other users. The fee is calculated dynamically when entering the amount transferred and displayed on the screen.
  5. In "Transfer from card" menu you can make from card to card transfer, you need only to enter the recipient's card number or select the phone number of recipient from the phonebook. If the recipient has not installed this application, he/she will receive message with information about the transfer and a link to download the app. If the recipient does not install the application and initiate receipt of a transfer in the Receive a money transfer tab within 3 days the funds will be returned to the sender. The fee is calculated dynamically when entering the amount transferred and displayed on the screen. All transfers from card to card will be available for you to view the History button click in the lower right corner of the screen.
  6. In "Services" menu there is the catalogue of services: the mobile recharge, TV or Internet payments, banking services, etc. Choose the service from the catalogue and pay with the credit card added to MasterPass or personal mobile account, if you are Vodafone prepaid subscribers. The fee is calculated dynamically when entering the amount transferred and displayed on the screen.
  7. In "History" menu there is history of payments, made in SharPay: separately for payments from the card on the tab Paid via card and on payments from the personal mobile account on the tab Paid via account
  8. In "Request transfer" menu you can initiate a request to transfer the funds to your card. The recipient will receive a message about such request and a link to download the app, if SharPay isn't installed on recipient’s phone.
  9. In "WEB Passport" menu you can enter your data which will be used in the future for your identification, also you can install "Avatar" which will be displayed during the authorization in the application.
  10. “My QR” menu displays your QR code, which contains your phone number. Another user can scan your QR, and your phone number will be automatically inserted into the transfer form from the card. QR-code is generated automatically and does not require you to do any additional actions.
  11. In "QR scanner" menu is designed to scan the QR code of another SharPay user to automatically add another user's phone number to the transfer form from your card.
Where can I see my payment history?

The details of payments performed in SharPay are available in History menu: the operations paid by the card are displayed on the Paid via card tab, and payments from the personal mobile account are displayed on the Paid via account tab.

The history of the transfers from the card to card is available in the Transfer from card menu by clicking the History button in the lower right corner of the screen.

I found the error (bug) in the app. How to report this error?

Please send the error description, the phone model, mobile OS version and if possible, the screenshots of the error display to info_pay@vodafone.ua

What cards are suitable for funds transfer/receipt and payments? What currency can be used for funds transfer and payment?

You can make payments by Visa and MasterCard cards issued by any bank in Ukraine. The card should not be blocked for online payments. To clarify this issue, please call to the Contact Center of the card issuer. The contact number is listed on the back of your card.

The payments and transfers in SharPay should only be performed in the local currency of Ukraine.

What are the limits for top-ups, transfers and payments?
  1. The minimum recharge amount of a mobile account from a card in the application is 1 UAH. The maximum recharge amount is 5 000 UAH.
  2. The personal mobile account balance after payment should be at least 3 UAH. The minimal payment amount from the personal mobile account is 5 UAH, the maximal payment amount from the personal account is 4 000 UAH.
  3. The maximum number of transactions made from one account to one and the same recipient should not exceed 4 (four) transactions per day (24 hours).


MasterPass is a simple, convenient and reliable tool for making fast and safe payments on the Internet. MasterPass allows you to enter the requisites of the card only once during registration, and by making further payments enter only the login and password/PIN-code for authorization in the payment service. All cards that are added to the SharPay application are stored in MasterPass.

The PCI DSS standard provides safe transfer of payment card requisites on the Internet.

3-D Secure is a technology for verifying the authenticity of an online payment. If your card supports 3-D Secure, then in the process of transferring money you will see an additional window, in which it will be necessary to confirm the use of the card by entering the confirmation code, which will be sent to you by your bank in the message.

Use only those services that can be found on the company's official website

If you need to transfer money from Vodafone mobile account, use only those services that can be found on the company's official website.

Our transfer tool is Sharpay mobile application.

It can be used to conduct financial transactions with funds from a mobile account or a bank card:

  • top up your mobile account;
  • transfer money to another bank card;
  • pay for more than 300 different services from the catalogue of services.

You can read more about the application on the webpage https://pay.vodafone.ua/en
There you can also find the download links in Play Market and AppStore.
While registering in the applicaton you will receive an OTP password on your phone. Please, do not inform it anyone – either the «employees of the bank security service» or other people who may be taken as the representative of Vodafone company. No one has the right to ask you this password. You can enter it only in Sharpay application and nowhere else.

You can learn more about the possibilities of payments and transfers from a mobile account on our website

To secure your mobile funds, remember 2 simple rules:

  1. Never send OTP passwords that come in an SMS from Sharpay to anyone. Neither bank service nor the mobile operator has the right to ask you for this password.
    So if you are asked for an OTP in a phone conversation, you can hang up, it is definitely the fraud.
  2. Do not enter your personal data on the third-party sites: mobile number, card number, OTP password. Sharpay exists exclusively as a mobile application. Also note that we do not cooperate with services that do not officially work in Ukraine, such as Webmoney, Qiwi or Yandex Money.
How you can determine that the site through which you plan to make a transfer is real and official
  1. Website address. If it looks like this https://www.vodafone.ua/en – has a national top-level domain – .ua, it means that the company has confirmed that it has a registered trademark. Large companies always confirm its existence.
  2. Design, texts and general structure of the site. Fraudulent sites that try to look like official pages usually have outdated design, not updated logos, pictures, colors may also differ from the colors of the brand. Most likely, no one will make multiple localized versions of the site. Texts can have a many mistakes.
  3. Contact and feedback block. Large and medium-size companies are unlikely to use popular mail services like Gmail or UKR.NET. Most likely, the mail will look like this (name of department /service/functions, then «@», company name and domain «.ua». For example, press@vodafone.ua. In Ukrainian telecom – operators the contact center number is usually one and starts with 0 800.
The most common fraud scenarios are:

The fraudsters phone a person and call themselves bank security officers. The person is told that his/her card has been blocked and compromised. So right now the funds need to be transfered from the card, for example, to the mobile phone. Then the same «employee» asks to inform quickly the confirmation codes with SMS, to make sure that everything went well.

At first glance, everything can look normal, safe, and sometimes, like caring for a client. Let’s see what’s wrong here:

  1. First, make sure that your bank was named. If the «employee» correctly gave your card number, it does not mean that he actually works at the bank.
  2. Secondly, the security service does not call its clients on this subject and banks do not send SMS with such information.
  3. Banks never allow a customer to withdraw money into a mobile account, even if it is a client’s mobile account.

What’s really going on in this situation.

The card is not blocked, the person communicates with fraudsters. While the person is transfering all funds from the card to his/her mobile account, fraudsters register it in the application. The person receives an SMS with an OTP password for registration and for the first operation. In stress, a person may fail to read the text of the SMS, where it is written that no one has the right to ask his/her for this password, pass it to fraudsters, and they transfer the funds from a mobile phone to their card or phone in a few minutes.

How to protect yourself.

Remember that the fraudsters’ tactic is to keep the person “on the phone” as long as possible, not to give him/her an opportunity to get over it and to think. They urge on and frighten with the consequences of what happens if you don’t follow their instructions. Of course, each of us, when we hear that our card has been compromised, will panic and do whatever it takes to prevent a loss of money, but that’s when we have to stop and try to figure out what is going on.

  1. You can save your bank number in the phonebook to see when you get a call from your bank.
  2. You need to hang up, find the hotline number on the official website of the bank and call back to find out if their employees have really contacted you.
  3. In the Му Vodafone application you can deactivate the possibility to pay and transfer funds from your mobile account. Full information is on the link
  4. Carefully read the SMS you receive and pay attention to the sender. If the SMS is from a bank or from an application, it will be indicated as the sender. Ignore the messages from unnamed senders and if the name only resembles the official name of the bank or application, but is misspelled.
Правила надання послуг

Terms and conditions

User agreement

The application may ask for some permissions to the smartphone features for more comfortable use of SharPay.

  1. Access to Push-messages
    An application can send Push-messages when an important or special message is sent to you.
  2. Access to Photo and Multimedia
    You can set your profile photo as a new photo or one that is already in the gallery.
  3. Access to Contact list
    You can а top up the mobile account to users who are in your contact list.
  4. Access to the Camera
    You can scan QR-codes and make in-app payments.

General terms and conditions for using mobile networks on Vodafone site